Swiss-Turning Small Parts—
a Palladin Precision Products Specialty

Palladin Precision Products has been Swiss Turning small and micro-miniature metal parts and prototypes since 1963. We are a family established and operated swiss maching shop that delivers a can-do service attitude backed by savvy engineering, seasoned craftsmanship, and stellar Swiss-Style Machining skills

Swiss Turning Success where Others Fail

We embrace opportunities to meet and solve even the most difficult manufacturing challenges. Often we achieve success where others fail by creating complex parts through integrated design ingenuity. Our “design to be turned” aproach harnesses the true potential of today’s modern Swiss Screw Machines.

Palladin Precision Documented from design through delivery

Our commitment to Quality Assurance and continual improvement in every phase of a a Swiss Machining program is reflected through application of our “ISO 9001:2015-Certified” quality management system. Every step of a machining project is tracked through our proprietary Process Traveler program, confirming and documenting specification compliance throughout the entire project life cycle. This includes delivery service options that others are either unable or unwilling to provide.

Palladin Delivers Documented Machining Precision

Work with Paladin, and you gain a dedicated Swiss-Machining solutions partner. Our passion for Swiss Turningsmall metal parts with exacting precision is matched only by our passion for delivering priority customer service to you.

Palladin Swiss Turning Advantages

Turned Component Size Diversity
.010″ up to 1.0” diameter

Quantity Flexibility
Short-run/long-run programs with on-time assurance

Spec Confirmation
Program tolerances consistently met from start-to-finish

Materials Diversity
Wide array of metals, exotic alloys, plastics

Secondary Finishing
Grinding deburring, polishing, coating, and more to program specifications

In-House Tooling
Readily-available maintenance of all tools to ensure first-to-last component consistency

QA and Tracking
Ongoing QA monitoring and full documentation through Palladin’s proprietary Process Traveler tracking program

Inventory Control
Available inventory stocking, JIT, packaging and delivery of Swiss Turned Parts

Palladin was able to come through with a solution for our hard to create part—and even built a working prototype so we could test and prove concept prior to production.

Bob Smith

President, ACME Heavy Metal Mullets

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