Quality Assurance and Project Tracking

Quality Assurance, or “QA,” is an integral part of Palladin Swiss-Style Machining. We monitor every step of your project through our ISO 9001:2015 Certified Quality Management System, so QA procedures are integrated throughout the manufacturing life-cycle. Our ongoing commitment to QA leads us to review, test, react, track and document every step. 

QA Planning

QA Planning begins with quoting, where we evaluate your needs in relation to the requested product and application. Reviewing initial drawings and all available part data allows us to determine your best Swiss Machining options. We also look for issues that could affect our ability to deliver a defect-free product. Dedication to eliminating potential problems before they occur is a Palladin QA planning advantage.

QA Monitoring

At Palladin we view inspection as an adjunct to maintaining good processes. Our Swiss-Style machine operators and staff are trained to work in conjunction our QA Department to monitor each processes stage, allowing us to quickly identify and correct any deviations.

QA Tracking

Quality Tracking at Palladin includes various inspections and “conditions confirmation” along every phase of the program path. We review and assess every element starting with raw material selection and continuing through packaging and delivery. And we track and document each phase using our proprietary Process Traveler tracking and reporting system. We demand— and provide —100% accountability.

QA Improvement

Quality Improvement is an ongoing goal at Palladin. We are always on the lookout for modifications that could improve Swiss-Machined quality, shorten manufacturing time, and reduce cost. Our team-coordinated effort to continually evaluate and improve is a major reason that our customers choose Palladin — and stay with Palladin!


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