Swiss Machining for Electronic Components and Micro Connectors

Swiss CNC machining and micro-machining of connectors and components at Palladin delivers precision advantages. Palladin offers highly-precise Swiss Turning advantages, along with value-add services that deliver turnkey convenience and efficiencies.

Electrical Component Machining that Changes with Demand

The Electronics Industry is constantly evolving, so successful machining of components requires quick machining cycles and the ability to deliver sometimes small-quality, cost-effective production runs. Machined Electronic components must also meet exacting tolerances specs.

Palladin’s extensive Swiss Machining facility and seasoned master machinists excel at turning intricate parts on a very small scale — all with unwavering precision. This rare ability allows us to supply electrical connectors, circuit boards, switches, receptacles, plugs, screws, and more for end components that demand a reduction in size and weight but increase in durability and performance.

Palladin’s secondary operations provide further value for electronic components we machine. This includes services delivered through affiliations with trusted trade specialists, allowing us to manage polishing, coating, grinding, and functional finishing that affects conductivity, improves wear, and enhances aesthetic appearance.

Palladin Swiss Turned Parts Gallery

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