Swiss Machining for Auto, Marine, and Industrial Components

Swiss Machining Automotive Parts, Marine Parts, and Industrial Components is strength of Palladin. We deliver unbeatable precision, highly competitive pricing, and turnkey program convenience.

Palladin’s multi-axis, multi-tool Swiss Machines can produce extremely small, complex parts quickly and with uncompromising repeatability. For Auto, Marine, and Industry, this translates into cost-efficient new and OEM part solutions for mechanical systems, electrical systems, controls, pins, dowels, brackets, bushings, shafts, and more.

A Turnkey Machining Solution for Automotive, Marine, and Industrial Components.

Our “total turnkey solution” approach to machining parts for these industries begins with project planning. We  help identify which materials, machining processes, and Secondary Services will deliver the highest quality part. Always delivered according to spec, and with the shortest possible production time.

Palladin’s vendor value continues with custom packaging of and inventory management. Our ability to quickly machine small to large and ongoing quantities includes the convenience and cost-efficiency of JIT supply — always with 100% spec consistency.


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