Swiss-Screw Machining for Complex Small to Micro-Miniature Parts

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Palladin Precision Products delivers turnkey Swiss Screw Machining and part finishing solutions. We passionately focus on our mission to “turn parts with exacting precision — faster — and at less cost” than other machining options.

55 years of Swiss Turning expertise in the U.S.A.

For decades, Palladin’s Swiss Turning performance has earned the trust of clients nationwide. Our unwavering consistency using CNC Swiss, Swiss Cam Automatic, and Coil Fed Escomatic machining has also earned important certifications to serve highly-regulated industries. We machine performance-critical parts and prototypes for use in Aerospace, Medical, Automotive and Marine, Defense and Firearms, Electronics, and many more.

 3 Types of Swiss Machining to Fit Your Part Needs:

CNC Swiss Turning

Computer-controlled turning lathes that produce very complex components from 1″ diameter down to 0.020″

Swiss Cam Automatic

Mechanically operated, multi-tool-cutting machines that produce parts from
20mm in diameter, down to 0.020″

Coil Fed Escomatics

2- and 3-tool, continual-duty machining perfect for pins and parts from
.25″ in diameter, down to 0.005″

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