Swiss Machining at Palladin: Precision with Every Turn!

Swiss Style Screw or “Swiss Type” Turning references the machining of parts using Swiss Turning or Swiss Lathe technology. Recognized world-wide for its ability to quickly produce highly detailed components, Swiss Turning Machines utilize computer controlled CNC guidance, simultaneous multi-axis cutting tools, and automated material feeds to create parts in record time,  while also delivering unmatched precision consistency.

Swiss Machining and Turning maintains Part Integrity

Swiss Screw Machining utilizes a special process that helps maintain part a shape and integrity through production. A controlled, sliding guide bushing on the main spindle holds and moves the material being fabricated so that the distance between cutting tool and material is always kept to a minimum. This controlled support allows for the machining of very small, delicate pieces free of bending and distortion. Swiss Screw Turning is ideal for creating small, high precision cylindrical components in very large quantities.

Swiss Machining and Turning is Palladin’s Specialty

Swiss Machining is Palladin’s main focus. Combined with our value-add Secondary Operations, we deliver turnkey Swiss Turning solutions that support the designing, testing, manufacturing, and inventory management of complex components for industries that include Aerospace, Medical, Defense, and more.

Palladin Swiss Machining Capabilities

• Range of Turning  |  .010″ to 1.0″
• Component Length  | Up to 10″
• Achievable Turned Tolerances  | .0004″ (+/- .0002″)
• Achievable Ground Finishes  | +/- .0001″

Certifications and Compliance

• Adherence to ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System
ASR #3794
ITAR Compliant


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