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Palladin is family owned, and managed by its active President Dean Palladino. The son of Palladin’s company founder Anthony Palladino, Dean has spent over 30 years at Palladin, working his way up from stock room and machining apprenticeships to project estimating, project management, and eventually company leadership.

When Anthony Palladino started the company in 1963, he did so with a goal of achieving excellence through a hands-on approach that benefited from his expert machining abilities and expansive manufacturing knowledge. Clients quickly came to appreciate his ability to machine even the smallest and most detailed parts using advanced Swiss Screw turning technologies.

Today, Dean literally walks in his father’s footprints, maintaining this father’s commitment to Palladin’s corporate mission:

“To continue improving as a company through education and technology so that Palladin will always deliver quality beyond what is expected — on time — and on budget.”

This commitment to excellence is shared not just by Dean, but by everyone at Palladin. Working as an integrated team, our CSR’s, Program Managers, Engineers, Master Machinists, Finishers, and Support staff are all focused on achieving the best possible every day. We share a passion for precision. A passion that sets Palladin apart.

Dean Palladino

Dean Palladino


Palladin Founder, the late Anthony Palladino (with son Dean) receiving a central Connecticut “2007 Small Business Manufacturer of the Year” award.

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