Tooling / Maintenance

Palladin’s in-house Tooling and Maintenance Department brings always-ready support to ensure project deadlines are met with start to finish component consistency.

Working in lock-step with our Engineering, Manufacturing, and QA departments, our maintenance team responds quickly if and as needed if any function or tolerance deviation is detected.

For over half a century, Palladin’s approach to keeping tooling — and the machines that turn them — in optimum condition has been one of our biggest service advantages.

Routine In-House Swiss Machine Maintenance Includes:

  • Cleaning filters and fans
  • Inspecting lines and fittings
  • Verify Lubrication and pump function
  • Checking Cooling System

Routine Swiss Tooling Lathe Services Include:

  • Scheduled Sharpening and realigning of all cutting tools
  • Continual Tolerance monitoring and adjustment as needed
  • Complete retooling, reassembly and testing if/as needed to ensure 100% Spec. conformity


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