CNC Swiss Turning Precision

CNC Swiss Turning at Palladin delivers “Computer Numeric Controlled” precision. Our CNC Machining incorporates multi-axis, high-precision movements to achieve the tightest tolerances possible. Unlike Cam Swiss and Escomatic Swiss turning that administers cutting rotations sequentially, CNC Swiss Truning allows a part to receive multiple cutting operations simultaneously.

CNC Swiss Turning to meet specifications quickly and consistently

Palladin’s advanced Swiss Machinery and master machinists bring the ability to achieve tolerances as tight as .0004 inches. These tolerances can be acheived quickly and at an extremely high level of consistency in even shorter production cycles.

Thread-Whirling Capabilities

Thread Whirling at Palladin allows complex machining of otherwise difficult-to-machine materials. This Thread-Whirling process involves attaching special spindle heads to the machines.

Thread Whirling Delivers Turning Precision and Efficiency

Thread Whirling incorporate simultaneous rotation of material and multiple cutting heads that are set at variable angles and rotation patterns. The combined action of stock rotation, cutter rotation, and variable cutting tool angles can produce very complex thread pitch parts in a single pass.

The multiple cutting tool approach also delivers extremely accurate geometry with exceptional surface finish— making Thread Whirling a popular choice for aerospace, and for medical devices such as bone screws.

CNC Swiss Equipment List




Quantity Diameter Equipment
2 .394" 5 Axis CNC Swiss Turning/Milling
1 .787" 5 Axis CNC Swiss Turning/Milling
1 .787" 20mm HP 7 Axis CNC Swiss Turning w/Iemca Bar Feeder
1 .787" XD20mm 7 Axis CNC Swiss Turning w/Iemca Bar Feeder
2 .787" XD20mm 7 Axis CNC Swiss Turning with High Pressure System
1 .787" 20mm CNC 7 Axis Swiss Turning w/Iemca Bar Feeder
1 .990" 26 mm 7 Axis Swiss Turning/Milling w/Sub SP
CNC Milling Equipment List




Quantity Diameter Equipment
3 8.00" CNC TC-211 Tapping Center with/ Hass Indexer
2 8.00" CNC TC-S2C Tapping Center with Yukiwa Seiko Rotary Table
8 CNC Secondary Operational Gang  Lathe

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