Swiss Machining for Medical & Dental Parts

Swiss Machining for Medical Parts, Dental Devices, and Prototypes requires painstaking precision and spec-meeting consistency. Palladin has proven the ability and earned certifications to meet these demands. We understand the importance each stage has in Medical Device manufacturing, beginning with how material selection will affect end component quality. If needed, we can offer insight to the pros and cons of using popular medical materials like stainless steel, titanium, brass, select plastics, and other non-reactive alloys.

Swiss Machined Medical and Dental Devices that pass the strictest “physical exams.”

At Palladin we also understand the importance of meeting all characteristic tolerances. Size, weight, tensile parameters, anti-microbial finish characteristics, and more must be flawless for acceptance. Medical devices, implants, orthotic devices and medical instruments demand 100% precision — so we deliver it.

Because Medical Devices and implants can be extremely tiny, our Swiss Turning capabilities include advanced micro-machining, achieving complex geometries on a very small scale. We also anticipate that components parameters will change as medical devices are tested and refined through multiple improvement iterations. So we specialize in delivering small-run efficiency with quick modification ability to keep pace with that demand.

Finally, we are versed in the the need to receive FDA approval of machining processes used to make implants and other medical devices. Our certified processes include step-by-step program tracking using our Process Traveler documenting system.


Palladin was able to come through with a solution for our hard to create part—and even built a working prototype so we could test and prove concept prior to production.

Bob Smith

President, ACME Heavy Metal Mullets

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