Swiss Machining for Military, Defense, and Firearms Parts

Swiss Machining components for Military, Defense, and Firearms demands exact machining precision. Serving these sectors also requires certified abilities to comply with specialty standards. Palladin Precision Swiss Turning brings the skills and compliance discipline needed for manufacturing success in these highly-regulated industries.

ISO:9001:2015 Compliant Quality Management System | ITAR Compliant

Palladin’s Swiss Turning experts understand compliance processes and procedures. We meet accountability standards for materials and more as required by DFARS. Strictly adhering to our ISO 9001:2015 Certified Quality Monitoring System authenticates 100% ITAR compliance at every step.

High-Level Swiss Turning Precision | Time and Cost Efficiency

More than just quality advantages, Palladin Swiss Turning for Military, Defense, and Firearms components also delivers time and budget-saving advantages.

Our Swiss Turning experts create very complex components by implementing multiple machining procedures at the same time. Our machines can be set up to cut, drill, milli, ream, saw, and more. The result is often a ready-to-ship component with superior surface finish that eliminates the need for grinding and other secondary operations.

Should detailed secondary services be needed, Palladin offers a full line of finishing, plating, and coating, all expertly administered to meet any specified Military, Firearms, or Defense specification.

Palladin was able to come through with a solution for our hard to create part—and even built a working prototype so we could test and prove concept prior to production.

Bob Smith

President, ACME Heavy Metal Mullets

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