Coil-Fed Escomatic Swiss Machining

Swiss Coil-Fed Escomatic Machining gives Palladin a considerable edge for meeting even the most challenging quantity demands. Unlike Swiss Cam machines that rotate stock to be machined, Escomatic machines rotate the cutting tools around the material.

This process provides a number of advantages, including compatibility with custom bending and slotting attachments engineered in house by Palladin. Escomatic machines are ideal machine for manufacturing custom pins and shafts ranging in size from .005” to .250” diameter and maximum 3.00” in length. Our Swiss Coil-Fed machining customers realize speed and repeatability advantages, cost savings, and superior-quality manufacturing for their components.

 Coil-Fed Escomatic Swiss Machining Advantages

  • Economical way to create simple to intermediate components
  • High volume capabilities
  • Fast cycles/short machining/high precision
  • Diverse stock diameter handling for material cost savings

Swiss Escomatic Coil-Fed Equipment


Quantity Diameter Equipment
8 .250" Swiss Coil Fed
15 .157" Swiss Coil Fed
15 .078" Swiss Coil Fed

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