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Coating and Plating of Swiss-Machined components at Palladin provides your program turn-key manufacturing convenience.

Coating and Plating to Improve functional characteristics.

Palladin’s Coating and Plating can enhance performance your Swiss Manufactured part. This includes improvements for part durability, lubricity, electrical conductivity, and also aesthetics according to specification.

Coating and Plating as a value-add service benefit.

Offering coating and plating as a Secondary Service reduces production time, and also delivers a more controlled, predictable outcome for your program or prototype. You benefit from single source accountability, one-stop convenience, and “total-program” pricing value.

Unlimited Coating and Plating options.

Depending upon your part’s finish needs, we coordinate our in-house capabilities with the services of established Coating and Plating partners. This proven “team approach” lets us offer unlimited finish options that include Electroplating, Electroless plating, and Coating to meet finished specifications for Medical Devices, Military Parts, Aerospace Components and more. 

Electroplating and Electroless Plating
Selective and overall plating using precious, semi-precious, and common metals and alloys according to coverage, thickness, and finish specifications. Gold, silver, nickel, and specialty allows can all be used in electroplating to increase improve conductivity, durability, and aesthetics.
Black Oxide Coating
A cost-effective “conversion coating” that provides a dimensionally-stable black finish and superior corrosion protection for ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Reduced abrasion resistance, increased lubricity, and a on-reflective matte-black finish make it a popular option for firearms and defense components.
Improves stainless steel surfaces by dissolving any iron that was embedded during the machining process. Results in a more tarnish free, cleaner surface. Improves sterilization and anti-microbial properties for use in industries that include food & beverage and medical.
Anodizing / Hard Coat
A dense “oxide” coating on aluminum that results from being placed in an electrically-charged electrolyte bath. Available in varying thicknesses from 0.0001” to 0.0030” or more, the thickest and most durable often referred to as “Hardcoat.” Anodize and Hardcoat increase abrasion and corrosion resistance, improve lubrication and sterilization characteristics, and improve aesthetics.

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