Palladin Launches Brand Refresh and New Website

Palladin Launches Brand Refresh and New Website

Palladin’s Swiss Turning management understand the importance of being represented by a brand image and website that reflects the high-level technology and customer-first service the company offers.  After consulting with a marketing team, it became clear that the Palladin name and logo symbol — a Spartan Warrior Helmet — posess some industry recognition and value. “We wanted to maintain our overall identity” explained company owner Marnee Palladino, “but also convey that we continue to evolve and improve… that we are everything the industry has come to like and trust about Palladin…and more.”

With a goal of establishing typographic consistency and better compositional balance, the rebranding assignment was awarded to a branding firm that came up with new the circle-enclosed icon. “In essence it is the same recognizable image” continued Marnee, “but now more precision-drawn, and composed in a way that balances and better connects with the enhanced typography it accompanies. “The icon is also more unique to Palladin, so can stand on it’s own as an attractive and identifying trademark.”

The new website was launched to accomplish two important goals. First, there was a need to get function current with today’s most effective website formats. That included being responsive for optimum viewing on any sized browse device, and also being built with coding and content that would provide higher search visibility for companies looking for a  cost- and quality-effective Swiss Machining resource.

Second, the website needed to better present and organize Palladin’s service benefits. As a leader in Swiss Turning for industries that depend on component performance, quickly communicating Palladin’s certifications, registrations, experience, and abilities was a key communication function.

“We are very pleased with the overall result of our branding and website updates” added company President Dean Palladino. “In the manufacturing industry, companies that know about Palladin appreciate our ability to bring precision, speed, dependability, and cost advantages to every project we take on. Hopefully our new communications will result in those values being discovered by some new businesses we can assist!”